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How much does hardwood flooring cost in San Jose?

In San Jose, hardwood flooring installation costs $12,000 on average. In other words, you can expect to pay almost $10 per square foot for hardwood floors to be professionally installed. This is for a 1200 square ft. room.

Which is the cheapest flooring to install in San Jose?

Carpet flooring is the cheapest flooring to install. In San Jose, the installation of basic indoor carpets costs a minimum of $0.65 per square foot. But, the price can go up to $10, depending on the quality of the carpet. This price range is for the most premium quality and plush carpets made from wool.

Which is cheaper – laminate or vinyl?

The price to install laminate or vinyl in San Jose, CA, is similar. To be more specific, both may cost $3 to $7, and this price range already includes the materials.

What is cheaper carpet or vinyl flooring?

When it comes to installation, the price is almost the same. Both cost around $5 per square foot. This is for the highest-quality material for both kinds. However, when considering maintenance, vinyl flooring is the cheaper option.

Does vinyl flooring hurt resale value?

Vinyl flooring usually does not increase the value of a property. Still, vinyl flooring is considered one of the most cost-effective flooring products available. Hence their popularity. On the other hand, if you want floors that can increase your property’s resale value, choose hardwood. According to homeowners and real estate experts, hardwood flooring can provide almost a 75% return on investments.

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