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Top Tips for selecting natural stone Flooring in San Jose, CA

When it comes to natural stone, we frequently prioritize appearance first. Our experts at Flooring in San Jose, on the other hand, advise that you start by thinking about your intentions and how the stone will function.

The Best Ways to Choose Natural Stone

This will overwhelm you as there are so many different varieties of stone to choose from, from granite and limestone to marble, travertine, and sandstone. Choosing natural stone for your home's interior or exterior is a very personal choice. While you may be drawn to a particular stone because of its beauty, there are other variables to consider that may make some stones more suitable than others. You will have to think about not only how the stone appears, but also how it will work in your particular situation.

Flooring in San Jose, CA

We will take a look at some of the things to think about when choosing natural stone for your home in this guide before selecting your preference.


Consider the application when choosing natural stone materials. When picking a stone for a wet location like a bathroom feature wall, for example, you will want to make sure it is not prone to damage caused by moisture.

Is it necessary for stone to be functional? Is it only for show? Will it be exposed to the elements, such as sunshine, water, heat, or sudden temperature changes? Is the stone going to be placed in a high-traffic area?


Natural stone comes in a variety of finishes, each of which impacts the material's appearance and functionality. Honed, sawn, brushed, polished, bush-hammered, split, leathered, or antique are some of the finishes you may come across while choosing natural stone.

The natural stone finish that you will use for a feature wall will significantly impact its appearance. If you are using stone for flooring, though, the texture will have an impact on how it performs as well as how it looks. Because of its non-slip properties, a sawn finish, for example, is far more ideal in a damp location than honed or polished.


Depending on the application, the absorption rate of the stone's porousness may play a significant role in choosing which type of stone to use. It can also be an indicator of its general durability. Because stone with a higher absorption rate is more likely to absorb stains, it is ideal for benchtops unless well-sealed. It may crack if the stone is exposed to freezing temperatures.

Flooring in San Jose points out that the lowest water absorption rate is the preference when it comes to natural stone.

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